Online Mentorship

I offer a free 45 minute video call consultation in order to connect.  All calls are confidential and the goal during this time is to establish what areas I can help you with. We then agree a mentoring programme in order to help you gain more clients and create your dreams into reality.  


Intro package lasts for two weeks. It includes


*Please note that the above can be adjusted to clients needs. i.e. for example this may include certain modules such as sequencing or teaching online.


If extended by two weeks its  additional $199 (Normal price is $495 for 1 month)  

Intro package lasts for two weeks it includes 

One-hour video call

Email support 

Weekly check in 

Specific Module focus 

*note that the above will be adjusted as to clients needs. I.e. may include certain modules such as sequencing or teaching online or whatever is needed.

$199 Introduction Offer 


If extended to a full month additional $199 Normal price is $495 for 1 month

Some examples of modules or subject areas 

  • How to teach classes online

  • How to create more interesting classes

  • How to get more students to come to class

  • How to develop more confidence

  • Develop new skills 

  • Upgrade your skills

  • How to find a job/ resume writing

  • Other styles of yoga such as restorative 

  • Basic Mat Pilates